About us

Our story

The Pie In The Sky Roadhouse which is situated between Bilpin and Kurrajong Heights, is owned and managed for the last 10 years by Josh Pilkington and Shelly Meng. They pride themselves and their staff on providing great and friendly service to all their customers – whether your a local or just passing through they treat everybody as a good friend and will make sure your food and stay is enjoyable.

Their reputation is famous in selling the most freshest home made pies in the district in a variety of flavours from premium steak pies, apple pies and amazing range of pasteries. The Roadhouse has proven to be a favorite food stop for many holiday travellers at Xmas, Easter and major events in the NSW country areas such as the Bathurst 1000 motor race.

Pie In the Sky Bilpin have the very best in pie making equipment combined with very freshest natural ingredients to ensure great taste and quality. The pies are baked every few hours in a range of flavours so there is a good chance that when you call in the pies have just left the oven straight to the counter – so you can’t get any fresher taste than that!


Natural fresh ingredients

There is nothing processed or artificial with our pies. All our meat pies are baked fresh from our in-house bakery every 2 to 3 hours throughout the day. We use classic natural and healthy French style butter puff pastry – no trans fats or processed ingredients. The pies are fully hand made on the premises. Bulk production of our delicious pastry with natural ingredients is done by mixing and rolling with industry standard machinery prior to putting fresh into the pie baking trays.

Our pies all use with natural fresh ingredients along with fresh premium meat – nothing processed!